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Modern design and furniture

Modern design is  a buzzword that’s used in so many contexts that it’s impossible to state what does it mean. Yet, it’s possible to define its three basic qualities or characteristics. These are: functionality, simplicity and minimalism. What’s interesting, these three features can be found in all areas of human creations or activities that describe themselves as modern – think of architecture projects, house layouts, kitchen space organisation, landscape and outdoor design and many others. In all of these areas what matters are functionality, simplicity and minimalism.

The same concerns furniture, both in case of furnishing and design. Therefore, if you’re willing to have a modern design in your home or flat it’s best to plan it ahead with functionality, simplicity and minimalism in mind. Let’s consider for example a modern day living room. Even before arranging and furnishing the room it’s best to know what’s your goal – do you intend to have  a living room for resting and relaxing or it’s better suited for working? Only then, when you actually know what your goal is you can effectively arrange your room.

For example, if you think of your living room as a resting space it’s best to focus on that and arrange everything to be simple, minimalistic and practical. In order to keep it simple plan your room’s layout in advance and create separate resting areas for family or for individual persons. To keep it minimalistic think of only the basic and absolutely necessary things that should be in your perfect living room. If it’s possible to replace two objects with one having the same functionalities and offering the same dose of comfort it’s best to go this way. Add a final touch of practicality and your own taste and your perfect living room is finished.

Swivel sofa chair

To understand the above clearer let’s focus on a specific example – think of swivel sofa chair that’s the key to success in arranging your living room. What’s interesting, swivel sofa chair in itself functions as a perfect example of modern design. Of course, there are various types of swivel sofa chairs, still in its essence they are the same. Generally, they can be distinguished by their successful combination of things – they are partly sofas and partly swivel chairs. In practice it means they are relatively big and have additional function of being turned on their base in any possible direction.

Swivel sofa chair is therefore a furniture embodiment of modern design and its essential features. It’s simple (its shape and lines are clear), it’s minimalistic (there’s no extra elements that are out of place) and its highly practical (functionalities of sofa and swivel chair combined in one.) Swivel sofa chair is therefore best for practical implementation of modern design. It’s good to remember that while arranging spaces.

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