Natural materials – sofas

Natural materials – choices

When choosing your sofa to the living room or sofa bed to smaller bedroom you probably think of the price, type of sofa (there are usual sofas but also corner sofas that can easily fit into various spaces or easy to store away and fold out sofa beds), general style and finally fabrics. What’s interesting, many people tend to overlook the issue of material and focus mainly on colour and general look of a given fabric, they don’t really consider fabric in terms of its origin (whether it’s artificial or natural) or its functions. What matters to us in case of fabrics is the colour and general impression it makes. Of course, colour and impressions are important but they shouldn’t cloud your judgement and lead you to unreasonable choices.

Therefore, when browsing online sofa stores and choosing your sofa pay more attention to fabrics. First of all, try to decide what interests you, are you fond of natural materials or artificial ones are suitable as well? Then, be sure to know what qualities each type of a given material or fabric really has. For example, natural materials are known for their genuine look, unique beauty, an air of timeless elegance, long lasting durability and guarantee of comfort. Yet, not all of natural materials are equally durable and easy to clean. For example, genuine suede can fray and matt over time and can prove to be rather difficult to clean, not to mention wash. Other natural materials such as cord chenille or leather can be more durable, but are more fragile and can be damaged if you’re not treating them properly. Basically, natural materials aren’t always the best choices.

Natural materials – what works best with sofas

Natural materials are many, but when it comes to sofas you can typically choose from suede, leather or cord chenille. Basically, they are the best to make sofas and they are relatively long lasting. Although, they don’t always prove to be the best choices, for example if you have small children it’s better to choose artificial fabrics like for example faux suede. Faux suede can be a really nice alternative to natural materials. It results from the fact that faux suede comes at relatively low price and is very durable, yet at the same time it looks natural and definitely draws attention of your guests. Moreover, faux suede in contrast to genuine one is very easy to maintain. Its maintenance is really low. Finally, it’s also easy to wash and clean. You don’t need to be afraid of accidental spills or liquids. Remember to keep this all in mind.

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